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Enjoy WiFi connection anywhere anytime. Perfect solution for sharing photos, sending emails and streaming videos!

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You can connect all your WiFi enabled devices like smartphone, laptop, tablet, or POS. Perfect for businesses and travellers.

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Set up Roam Mobile WiFi connection within seconds. No software to install or complicated instructional manual to go through.

Renting is as Simple as 123

Step 1: Rent

Click the “Rent Now” button to place your WiFi rental. Once the order is processed, we will ship the package to your hotel, company or residence address.

Step 2: Connect

The Roam Mobile WiFi will be shipped to you before you arrive. Once you arrive at your destination, power on the WiFi device and you're ready to connect!

Step 3: Return

Send the WiFi device back in the provided prepaid return envelope within one or two business day after the end of your rental.


IT WORKED PERFECTLY AND WAS EFFORTLESS. A REAL TIME SAVER. We rented a pair of modems from Roam Mobile for our event to serve about 50 people. Our US clients really appreciated the Wi-Fi access. It allowed them to stay connected and conduct important business while taking time to visit with us in Montreal for our annual sales event. No complaints from anyone. Bandwidth was adequate and the entire transaction was very smooth and trouble free. Thank you for your attentive service and quick replies to my questions. Other vendors I had been looking at failed to answer emails and quote requests in a timely manner, so the decision to choose Roam Mobile was a simple one. Everything was very easy (setup & return shipping) and this really took a load off my mind, allowing me to focus on other important duties. You guys really delivered!

– Lance

ROAM MOBILE'S GREAT HOTSPOT SERVICE I have nothing but great things to say about Roam Mobile's hotspot service. It was very easy to set up the hotspot device. We had 7 devices connected at some points and the hotspot did not have any issues with connectivity. The speed of the service throughout the whole month was great. When we did some road trips and walking tours around the city, we never had to worry about running low on battery because of the extra battery. The best part was the price, it would have been impossible to connect 7 devices to the internet for such a low cost! Whenever we come back to Canada we will definitely make use of Roam Mobile's wonderful services.

– Alberto

BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT! Best money I ever spent. Was pre-delivered to my hotel reception desk and waiting for me on arrival. Package was professionally presented and included clear instructions. Was plugged in and on the Internet in under 30 seconds. Have had brilliant coverage in some of the most remote areas. Will be recommending to everyone I know, including my travel agent.

– Sandra C.

ALLOW OUR EVENTS GO OFF WITHOUT A HITCH Roam mobile allowed our events to go off without a hitch.

– Jaclyn