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Roam Mobile Travel WiFi

What is a Travel WiFi, mobile hotspot, mobile wifi, travel hotspot or portable wifi?

What can the Roam Mobile Travel WiFi connect to?

How many devices can I connect?

How long does the battery last?

What is the download speed of a Travel WiFi?

What is the upload speed of a Travel WiFi?

How much money can I save?

How much data do I get?

How can I make calls with the Travel WiFi?

Can I send text messages / multi-media messages with the Travel WiFi?

Does VoIP (e.g. Skype) work with the Roam Mobile Travel WiFi?

Can I check and update my social media (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) on my trip?

What will I receive in the package?

Why is there data usage showing on the Travel WiFi data usage meter?

Payment and Deposit


Is Roam Mobile shopping cart secure?

What payment option are available?

Security Deposit

How much is the security deposit?

How long does it take for the security deposit to credit back to my credit card after the device is returned?

Renting, Shipping and Return


How to rent a Roam Mobile Travel WiFi?

When would our Travel WiFi arrive?


How much is shipping?

Where do you delivery the Roam Mobile Travel WiFi to?

Does Roam Mobile ship outside of Canada & United States?

How do I track my order?

Can I change the delivery/shipping address?

I received the package and the device arrived damaged?


How do I return the Roam Mobile Travel WiFi?

I forgot to return the Travel WiFi?

Lost or Damage


What happen if I lost my Roam Mobile Travel WiFi?